Victorian Parlour Cats Encore Performance

Seems old rock stars always have a farewell tour. Not to be outdone, we are bringing back the Victorian Parlour Cats. They have returned from their extended vacation in the Bahamas to perform once again at Creations. Have no idea what we are talking about? Read on!

The Victorian Parlour Cats performed at Creations each holiday season from the late 1980’s thru 2008. The front room was cleared of all merchandise and the cats took over the room featuring different groups including the band, the opera singer, the chess players, nurse Nelly, the kittens choir and Mopsie.

Many of our customers remember bringing their children to see the cats perform. (Remember Joske’s in downtown San Antonio with the animated Christmas display? Well, that childhood memory gave us the inspiration to create our own display. ) OK, so we are a little crazy! But we had so much fun bringing this display to life each year.

The cats last performed in December 2008 and have been vacationing in the Bahamas since.

In celebration of their return, we have a bit of history to share with you in a combination of videos and a few stories. Look for the links to those below.

The Tale of the Annual Gathering of the Victorian Parlour Cats

Our dear friend and customer Beverly Sullivan wrote a fun poem to introduce our Victorian Parlour Cats.

Click here to check out that story that appeared on our web site for years.

The Stories of Creations’ Victorian Parlour Cats

Beverly Sullivan also wrote a really fun series of little “back-stories” to introduce each of the major performers in our Victorian Parlour Cats troupe. In addition to being a talented quilter, you’ll see she is very good creative writer.

Click here to check out the series of web pages that showcase our Parlour Cats using Beverly’s fun stories.

Photos and Videos of the 2005 Parlour Cats Display

We have prepared several YouTube videos of the 2005 Victorian Parlour Cats Display including a Movie taken in 2005, a slideshow video showing photos of the finished display and a fun “behind the scenes” photo slideshow showing the setup process.

Victorian Parlour Cats Movie – Live in 2005

The Victorian Parlour Cats Live movie shows the finished display with the little train circling round and round. It also shows the movements of the dozen plus animated cats. Beware – you might want to turn down your volume before you start this video. We apologize for the quality – back in 2005 digital video recordings were tiny and we had to enlarge this so you could even see it!

Victorian Parlour Cats 2005 Performance Slideshow

This next YouTube video showcases the Victorian Parlour Cats in high resolution photos so you can really see all the details of the Victorian Parlour Cats.

Victorian Parlour Cats 2005

Behind the Scenes – Setting up the Victorian Parlour Cats annual holiday display

The annual setup of the Creations’ Victorian Parlour Cats Animated holiday display was a labor of love. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the setup process in 2005.

Behind the Scenes – Setting Up the Victorian Parlour Cats annual holiday display