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Sweater Knits – Easy to Sew

Not everyone sees the joy in sewing with knits. I admit there are some that are pretty “curly” on the cut edges and that can be a bit challenging.

Our new sweater knits are the easiest knits I have ever worked with. Before cutting, I always launder my fabric so I will know if it will be a joy to wear later! These knits went in the washer on warm and the dryer on warm and they emerged perfect!

The sizes run XS to XXL so there is room for us all.

Version 1 is the raglan sleeve and slight turtleneck design. I didn’t want the band at my waist so I just added the length to the bottom of the pattern. I did love the sleeve band as it helps to keep the sleeves pushed up.

Yardage for this version: XS-S: 1 3/4yd; M-L: 2 yds XL-XXL: 2 1/4yds

Version 2 has the mitered hem. It was so easy to do since my knit didn’t curl. The back is a bit longer and it looks great on. The double needle on my sewing machine made the hem so easy to stitch.

Yardage for this version: XS-M: 1 3/4yd; L – 2yds; XL-XXL 2 1/2yds

Version 1 of the Toaster Sweaters

Version 2 of the Toaster Sweaters

These are our sweather knits that I would recommend for any of our knit patterns. Loulou Knit was used in Version 2 of the Toaster Sweaters.

These would be great choices for Version 1 of the Toaster Knits.

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