The Amazing (But True) Tale
of Tootie The Fax Cat

by Sharon Hull Dinsmore
Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations  

There once was a kitten
Whose name was 'Tootie'.
She worked at Creations.
She felt it her duty.

She'd adopted those girls
Named Kathy and Julie
And if she missed work,
Things became quite unruly.

She managed the office
From early in kittenhood.
And when a fax came in,
Over it she quickly stood.


Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations


She fought with the humans
Who reached down to grab it.
This was her fax,
She was determined to nab it.

She slept most the day
But when the machine did ring,
If no one was around,
The forgotten fax she would bring.

She'd search the whole store
For Julie or Kathy.
Upon delivering the letter
She was always quite happy.


Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations


Early one morning
A fax did arrive.
Upon hearing the tone,
Tootie came alive.

With fax page in tow,
She started her trek.
Halfway down the hall,
Another tone did she detect.

Confused and excited
Her fax she let drop
And returned to the office,
This didn't happen a lot.


Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations


Down the hall she started
Dragging page number two,
When again that tone rang.
What was a cat to do?

Letting page two fall,
She promptly turned around.
And she arrived at the machine
Just as page three hit the ground.

Alas, the tone repeated
Before she even reached the door.
She arrived for the fourth page
Just as it hit the floor.


Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations


When Julie found Tootie,
She was all tuckered out.
A trail of fourteen faxes
Were scattered about.

The rest of the day,
Tootie slept on a bench.
Curled up in a tight ball,
She barely moved an inch.

Surely you think,
This story has ended.
But, not for Miss Tootie,
Her ways have not mended. 


Tootie the Fax Cat delivers a fax at Creations


The very next day
I was teaching computing.
As the girls sat in class,
The machine began ringing. 

The classroom adjoined
The room with the fax.
Would Tootie get it,
Or would she just relax?

Within a few minutes
Around the corner she came.
Where were those two girls?
Surely they were to blame.



She headed straight for Kathy,
Dropping the fax at her feet.
The praise she received
Just couldn't be beat!

"Oh dear" exclaimed Kathy ,
"It's twenty-three pages!
Today Tootie will earn
Every bit of her wages!"

The room exploded
Into laughter and sighs.
How would Tootie survive?
Would she get wise?


Tootie the Fax Cat guards her treasure (faxes) at Creations

  How many she delivered,
We forgot to measure.
But she guarded the rest
As if they were treasure.


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