Highlights December 18, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

No seam quilt

There are some fun wide fabrics that make great quilt tops. They don’t always have to be put on the back.

See our sample and read how easily it can be done!

Quilt from wide backing at Creations Kerrville

Our “No Seam Quilt” features one of our 108″ wide fabrics. You will be able to make two throw sized quilts from 2 yards of wide fabrics.

Purchase: 2yds wide fabric
2 1/4yds Minkee for backing for each quilt
Twin sized Hobbs batting for each quilt
5/8yd for binding for each quilt

  1. Tear the 2 yards down the middle so you have 2 pieces that are 54″ x 72″.
  2. Sandwich the batting between the top fabric
    and the Minkee. Safety pin baste.
  3. Use your walking foot to do a straight line
    channel quilt running across the quilt. We
    stitched about 1 1/2″ apart.
  4. Bind and you are done.

Now for some great choices for those quilt tops.

You’ll need 2 1/4yds of Minkee for each quilt. We carry some other great colors of Minkee, but unfortunately our supplier is completely without stock until sometime in January. (Think we have it bad!)

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Highlights February 21, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

No Seam Quilt!

We have such great choices in wide fabrics, we can now use them as the quilt top. Why not? They can make a quick quilt. It can easily be channel quilted on a home sewing machine.

  1. Purchase the length you want your quilt to be. We suggest 2 yards so you will have a finished quilt about 70″.
  2. Purchase 2 1/4yds Minkee for the backing if you want a soft, cuddly quilt.
  3. Purchase 5/8yd for binding.
  4. Purchase Twins size Hobbs or Quilting Dream twin size batting.

To complete the quilt, tear the 2 yards down the middle so you have two pieces approx. 54″ x 72″. You can make 2 quilts if you purchase additional backing, binding and batting. You could also use the remaining fabric to make pillow cases to go with your quilt or a big bag to put it in.

We have included pictures of some wide fabrics that would make great quilt tops.

You will now need a backing for your quilt so we have included some possibilities of Minkee.

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