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Quilts for Uvalde

It has been such a special experience to be able to be the vessel to get so many quilts and quilting supplies to Uvalde.

To date we have had 153 quilts given to aid Uvalde. We have also sent 100 small travel pillows for kids to hug. We have had enough batting donated for the Uvalde group to make many more quilts. We have also had fabric donated for them. This small group of quilters has expressed their gratitude as they work completely with donations.

Our only regret is that we couldn’t thank everyone personally for their selfless donations. Just know you are so appreciated. I wish we could have a picture of every quilt sent to Uvalde, but didn’t think about it until the first 37 were already delivered.

We thought you might like to see a sampling of the quilts that are headed to Uvalde. There are quilts in every size, theme, and color. We don’t know who all of these quilts came from as they came in so fast we couldn’t keep up. We just wanted for everyone to see the incredible variety of quilts given.

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Highlights, June 18, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Pillows for Uvalde

We have been emotionally overwhelmed by the absolute generosity of quilters in our state and beyond. After our trip to Uvalde a week ago to deliver 37 quilts, batting and fabric, we thought we might see a few more quilts coming in this week.

Customers and friends began arriving and kept coming all week long. We now have 77 quilts and blankets to take on our next trip. There are 47 quilts and 30 Super Hero/Disney blankets. (Kids will love these.) We have also received batting and large pieces of fabric to help the Quilts of Grace group in Uvalde continue to make quilts.

Creations decided we wanted to give 100 pillows (12″ x 16″) which are just the right size for a child to hug. The gals at Creations helped us stitch some and we were plugging along.

“The Flushers” were at The Main House this week and we thought we might wrangle this group of gals into helping us. They not only helped, but took over and finished stitching the 100 covers and then put the pillow forms in all of them. Our deepest thanks to this wonderful group of friends.

Just a pile to show the colorful huggable pillows.

It’s hard to know what to do to help in this or any situation like it. Whatever we do, it is theraputic for ourselves as well as the community of Uvalde. Pick a way to help if you are so inclined. Donate a quilt, batting, fabric, thread and we will be the vessel to get it there. If you are comfortable with a monetary donation, The Community Foundation has a fund to help Uvalde. It is closely controlled so when we made our donatons we felt confident the money would be used wisely. Check them out at The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country.

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Highlights, June 4, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Uvalde Strong…how can we help?

We have prayed about how we could help this devestated community and then the Quilts of Grace group in Uvalde reached out for help with quilts and fabric. If you are moved to help, you can do it one of two ways. Use this information and send your quilts directly to Diana at the address shown. If you would rather, you can bring your quilts to Creations and we will take care of all the charges to get your quilts to Uvalde.

We will put the name of the quilter and the city it came from with each quilt. We hope you will feel moved to help as we are.

We will be going thru the “Creations” stash of quilts to find those that would be right to send along with yardage of fabric for their group to continue to make more quilts.

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