2023 - Hightlights April 8

Hoffman Batiks – They set the bar high!

There are some amazing batiks available, but the first and still the top (in our opinion) is Hoffman of California. They have been producing batiks for over 40 years and we have been purchasing them for that long!

When they were first “going to be available”, we placed an order and waited nearly a year. Time came to place an order for the next season and we hadn’t received the first ones. We had no idea if they would be well received. It’s that “leap of faith” that told us to get more!! We never looked back and have carried Hoffman batiks continuously in our shop for over 40 years.

Check out their newest batiks.

Love pre-cuts. See the latest fat quarter bundles from Hoffman.

Want to read more about this amazing family owned company that is celebrating 97 years in business? Use this link and enjoy the story and pictures. Hoffman History

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Highlights, July 9, 2022

Hoffman Batiks – Best Batiks Ever

We have stocked batik fabrics since they were first introduced to the quilting world by Hoffman California Fabrics in the early 80’s.

Hoffman California Fabrics leads the batik category as “the first, the finest and the favorite” . They are the original Bali Batik supplier. Enjoy our newest batiks from Hoffman.

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Highlights, March 19, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Been wanting MORE batiks

We just received 20 new batiks, all from Hoffman of California. If you are a batik lover, this will be very tempting. Nothing beats a Hoffman batik!

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Highlights November 20, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Always the Season for Batiks

It’s such fun when new batiks arrive. We have waiting a long time to receive this shipment. Hoffman is one of our favorite batik providers. Their quality is undisputed and the designs are classic.

Take a look at our newest Hoffman Batiks:

Want to see more Hoffman Batiks? Click this link and you can see all our Hoffman Batiks: See Them All

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Highlights February 6 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Hoffman Batiks have arrived

It’s always exciting to open boxes of Hoffman batiks and be surrounded with new bolts of beautiful batiks. Hoffman was the first company to bring batiks to the quilting world and they are still one of the leaders. We are excited to share our new ones with you.

When working with batiks you always need those support players that make the others shine. Hoffman does some of the best blenders. The subtle stripes, bubbles, geometrics and seeds make such interesting pieces.

Lights backgrounds are always sought after. Flat backgrounds just aren’t very appealing when using batiks. These great new chops make even the background interesting. Check out our newest backgrounds.

If you would like to wander thru the 290 Hoffman batiks on our website, you can do just that by visiting Hoffman Batiks.

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