Highlights, April 30, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Alexander Henry – Dynamic Prints

If there is one fabric company that truly does it’s “own thing” it is Alexander Henry. You will find eclectic, folkloric, ethnic, and fanciful prints from this company. There is never a “collection” of coordinates. That’s too mundane for them. Check out our newest prints.

These are some other prints that arrived a few months ago.

Love them or hate them….these prints definitely get a reaction!

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Highlights May 8, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Alexander Henry – Great Conversational Prints

Alexander Henry is truly a company that creates wonderful collectible fabric. They are known for their large prints with florals, birds, and ethnic influences. We never know when we will receive merchandise from them so it’s always a fun surprise when we do.

View our newest arrivals. Note: The Hacienda print is the same except the background is a different color. One has a closer view to give a better idea of size.

If you are partial to these designs, you will enjoy seeing some of our other Alexander Henry favorites.

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