Highlights March 12, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

There are no ordinary cats….

This precious panel and coordinates are from Northcott. If you are a cat lover, you get it and if your aren’t…..well.

The panel is 24″ x 44″ so it could be the beginning of a quilt or cut the blocks apart to use them independently.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the blocks in the panel.

There are no ordinary cats.
Happiness is……

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Highlights September 11, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Dan Morris Cats from Quilting Treasures

With the digital printing process, the cats on this panel are so beautifully shaded that they look almost real.

There are two great coordinates .

The felicity cat panel from Dan Morris for QT Fabrics
features nine different cats. Each block is approximately
12″ so there are lots of possibilities for this panel.

Cat lovers choose their favorite by color. We often hear
“I have a cat that color”!

If you are more of a dog person, check out our new dog print and coordinates.

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Highlights April 3, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Alfie from Windham Fabrics

If we were still picking favorites, this would have to be added to my list. (I’m sure to many other lists as well.) Sometimes we get groups of fabrics with coordinates that tell a whole story. This time, we just got some cute fabrics.

These are so new, that it will be a few days before they are actually even in the shop. Bet they won’t last long after they arrive. We have a few cat lovers who work here, so we wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to see this darling print.


The “Jolly Robins” print is pretty cute itself. Hate to think that Alfie is just waiting for one of the Jolly Robins to come by!

The two tonals are just wonderful colors that work with the two prints.

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