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Grab Some Coffee and Browse the Store!

We've created a store tour to help familiarize newcomers with our style. Take a look at how the store looked recently. We've included lots of pictures of our current quilt kits, fabrics and more! However, the displays are ever changing, so don't be surprised if it looks different on your next real visit. Please note: our merchandise changes frequently! We can't guarantee that the products you see in this tour are still in stock. Thanks for understanding!

Our customers say that Creations is a joy to visit and browse. We enjoy getting to meet so many creative people! Three outside doors make it easy to get into the store as soon as you park. This is the view of the front of the store from Main Street.

Once you get inside, our staff will be happy to help you find anything in the store. We always have a pot of coffee brewing and a few chocolate snacks to give you even more energy for shopping.

Kaffe Quilt and Kaffe Fassett Fabrics

Welcome to our shop

Kathryn invites you to come in and take a look at our shop.  We are always eager for our customers to be able to visit in person, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.  Our distant customers who don't get to visit the shop often, tell us that sometimes they just need a Creations "fix".

We hope that our store tour will help you get that fix, or better yet, invite you to come and and see what we are all about.  


We love Thread

Threads to a quilter are like paints to an artist.  There are so many colors, weights, and uses for threads that you can experiment with them for years.  Our selection ranges from 100 weight threads for the smallest detail work to 12 weight threads that are thick and showy.

We will be delighted to discuss threads with you on your next visit to the shop.  The right thread selection can make all the difference in your project.

Panache from In the Beginning Fabrics

Pastiche from In the Beginning Fabrics

If you love beautiful florals and rich colors, then Pastiche is the collection for you.  

Pastiche is something that imitates, celebrates, and incorporates several elements from a variety of sources.  These fabrics draw influence from Europe and Asia as well as Impressionistic paintings.

If you want to see these fabric a little closer or order the kit, visit Pastiche Fabrics.


Bali Rayon Batiks make great clothing.

Bali Rayon Batiks Galore!

We absolutely love using the beautiful, soft, drapeable Bali Rayon batiks for clothing. They work great for shirts, lightweight jackets, skirts, and capri pants. So, we always have a big selection of these colorful fabrics. We even have a pattern for an infinity scarf made from rayon.

We have an entire online section dedicated to these gorgeous bali rayon fabrics - you'll find them on our Rayon Batik Fabrics page under the Sewing Fabrics section of the menu.

These fabrics are easy care and can be machine washed and machine easy can it be.  Come check them out. We make all of our garment models in size medium so everyone can try them on and see if they need a larger or smaller size.

Horizons by Kathy Doughty for Free Spirit Fabrics

Horizons from Kathy Doughty for Free Spirit Fabrics

We were thrilled to have Kathy Doughty here to teach at The Main House this past March.  She is a wonderful instructor and we love her the fabric and books she has produced.

Her latest line of fabric is Horizons.  We have used it for quilting as well as clothing.  If you want to see more of Kathy's Horizon line and her books check it out at Kathy Doughty books and fabric.   We know you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Curvy Log Cabin Quilt with Australian prints

 Australian Prints  --  We love them

 We have carried Aboriginal designs for many years in the shop.  We now have about 100+ bolts and the fabrics are so interesting.  This area really catches your eye when you are in the shop.  

Most of us can't resist these prints and love to work them into our quilts.  

You can see all our favorites on line at Australian Prints.  The quilt featured here uses the Curvy Log Cabin Ruler from Creative Grids and one of the Cut Loose Patterns.  We have the kit available on line along with the ruler at Curvy Log Cabin Quilt Kit.






Slideways quilt pattern


This is such a fun pattern as you really get to see the "sliding" effect that you get with the contrast of light and dark.  We, of course, had to try it out of the Australian prints as we just love to feature those fabrics.

If you love this one as much as we do, you can order the kit online.  Just click Slideways. 

Snap Shot Quilt Kit by Kathy Doughty

Snap Shot Quilt Kit

We are featuring another of Kathy Doughty's quilt kits.  The Snap Shot quilt pattern is a fun one for featuring a special fabric and using interesting fabric combinations.  This is really Kathy's specialty.  

If you would like to order this kit, just click Snap Shot and you will see all the details.

Thicket by Moda Fabrics

Black and White is a classic

Everyone at some time will want to make a black and white quilt.  The best time to look for fabrics for that project is anytime you see them.

We always have a great selection of black and white prints.  Check them out the next time you are in the shop or view them on line at Black and White Prints.  


Garden Delights Quilt from In the Beginning

Peepers Eyeglasses

If you need just a bit of help with your eyesight we have Peepers.  The strengths vary form 1.25 for those who just need a little help to 3.0 for those who need more.

If you need a pair to read the cards next to them, feel free to try one on!

These glasses are fashionable and fun.  Creations has lots of "neat stuff" for you to see ono your next visit.




Silk Dupioni

We have a great selection of Silks

We carry over 25 colors in silk dupioni.  This fabric has been used in garments, quilting, and background for embroidery.  We also carry silk matka which is a more textured silk.  It also makes a great background for embroidery.

Hope you will stop by and see our selection or check it out on line at Silks .

Kaffe Fassett and other Designers Fabric

Kaffe Fassett and Other Designer Fabrics

In the big room on our upper level, you'll find a huge selection of Rowan/Westminster fabrics from designers like Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs. You'll find fabrics from all these designers in our Contemporary Fabrics category under the Quilting menu.

In amongst these gorgeous fabrics, you'll find many of Kaffe Fassett's books. We also carry some of the prints from the Artisan collection which include some great large prints, batiks, and handwovens.  We also stock the shot cottons and stripes that have become basics for us.

We love making kits from Kaffe's fabrics.  If we choose to do a quilt from his books, we try to use exactly the fabrics used in the book. Click the Quilt Kits menu link to find them.


Jewlery and neat stuff

We have lots of great stuff to shop for on your next visit

We carry wonderful fabric, but you never know exactly what great "stuff" you will find on your next visit to the shop.  

Jewelry -- who doesn't love to look at that?  We carry some great pieces that will make the finishing touch for the garment you create.

You will also find watches, bracelets and hats.  Always expect the unexpected at Creations.

Kids flannel

 Kids Flannel

We love all the darling flannel prints that are available now.  There are so many contemporary prints which is just what the young mothers are looking for.  Did you know that our best selling baby color is gray?  Yep, gray and pink, gray and black, gray and mint.  

Next time you are in the shop, be sure and take a look.  These fabric change often, but you can see what is current on our website at Kid's Flannels.


Wool quilt from Timeless Traditions

Wool Quilt from Timeless Traditions

We have a great selection of wool that is ready to be used for rug hooking or embroidery.  You will find wool from WoolyLady and Mary Flannagan as well as Primitive Gatherings.   You can see a bit of our selection on our website under the Wool heading.  Along with our wool you will find hand dyed velvet pieces as well as a great selection of silk dupioni.

The quilt pictured is a combination of two patterns from Timeless Traditions.  One of our very creative customers combined the patterns, added interesting textured fabrics as backgrounds and made this wonderful quilt.  We don't have a kit for this one as we helped her put together the fabrics.  We would love to help you create your own quilt too.

Flannel fabrics

 Flannel is one of our Favorite Fabrics

We always have a great selection of Flannel fabrics.  This picture shows our more traditional flannels.

You will always find flannel in our shop, regardless of the time of year.  We always have quilts to show you how great a flannel quilt can be.   

You might even have time to make one for yourself.


Grey Fabrics

We love all the tones of grey

It seemed that a few years ago you could hardly find a grey....who wanted that color.  Now it is a basic and we have quite a nice selection of grey tones. 

We have found that grey is the most popular for baby quilts.  It's combined with black and white, mint, pink and about any other color you can imagine.

Come by and check out our section of grey.


Home Dec Fabrics

We Love to Make "Stuff"

Home Dec fabrics make some of the best selections when choosing fabrics to make bags and totes.  We carry quite a few of ByAnnie patterns as well as the long bag zippers.  

You will always see lots of bags and totes throughout the shop so be sure and take a look next time you are in.

You can find these and other great bags as well as the zippers on our website at Bags and Zippers.  You will love our selection.

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