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Yukata Quilt Kit

We have just finished one of our favorite quilts. It’s so easy because you are using only pre-cut strips to complete the top. The pattern is Popsicle Sticks from Atkinson Designs.

Use this recipe to make the quilt in your desired size. You will need 4 things: the pattern, the strips, binding and backing. How many strip packs you need and how much binding and backing will depend on the size

The recipe is as follows: Lap Size: 64″ x 80″ – pattern, 2 strip packs, 5/8 binding, 5yds backing
Twin/Full 80″ x 96″ – pattern, 3 strip packs, 3/4yd binding, 7 1/2yd backing
Queen 96″ x 112″ – pattern, 4 strip packs, 1yd binding and 8 3/4yd binding
King 112″ x 112″ – pattern, 5 strip packs, 1yd binding and 10yds backing

There are some great choices for backing and binding.

Can’t make up your mind. These are the two we used for backing and binding.

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