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Yippie Yi Yo Ki Yay from Laura Heine

Laura Heine

Laura’s home has always been Montanta. She began a career as a registered nurse and decided to take a quilting class to be able say say she had made one! Since then, she has made countless quilts and has two grown children.

Her specialty has been machine quilting workmanship. She won the Bernina Award for best machine quilting at Paducah in 1993. Since then she has taught, travelled, written several books as well as designing numerous lines of fabric for different companies.

In 1994, Laura gave up full-time nursing to open a quilt shop, Fiberworks, in Billings. Many of her designs are simple, but her use of color and quilting makes them very interesting!

Hope you like Laura’s new line, Yippie Yi Yo Ki Yay.

You might like to see some of Laura’s collage patterns too. They are lots of fun to make!

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