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Whale Song by Northcott Fabrics

Northcott has become one of the leaders in the digital printing process. Their fabrics are just beautiful. The color mixes are just amazing.

We loved the new collection, Whale Song, but somehow couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase the big whale panel. Just didn’t think it would be right for South Texas. We did however love the coordinates. Hope you will too.

In case it was the blouse that interested you, here is the Remy Raglan pattern and some great fabric choices.

The Remy Raglan has quickly become our favorite blouse. It’s easy and looks great in any drapy fabric.

The only comment we have heard is that it could be longer. You might want to add a little yardgae to what is on the pattern.

For 44″ wide fabric, purchase 2 yards for sizes 00 – 12 and 3 yards for sizes 14 – 22.

For 54″ wide fabric, purchase 1 1/2yds for sizes 00 – 12 and 2 yards for sizes 14 – 22.

Remember to add to the amount given if you want it longer.

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