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Wabi Sabi from Marcia Derse for Windham Fabrics

Marcia Derse is a graphic artist that we have followed since her first line nearly ten years ago.

Over the years there have been some signature prints that we have been able to order reorder. We have some of our favorites back in stock.

This is one of Marcia’s newest classics.

I wanted to know what the word meant, and
with the help of Google I found out. It is the
combination of two old Japanese words with
overlapping definitions.

It is one view that both life and art are beautiful
not because they are perfect, but because they are
imperfect and fleeting.

These are some of our other Marcia Derse signature pieces.

We also carry a wide selection of Palette “solids”. These fabrics look as if they were hand dyed and the colors are amazing. These are our newest colors.

You can see all of the Marcia Derse prints and Palette Solids we have in stock at Marcia Derse

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