Highlights, June 4, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Uvalde Strong…how can we help?

We have prayed about how we could help this devestated community and then the Quilts of Grace group in Uvalde reached out for help with quilts and fabric. If you are moved to help, you can do it one of two ways. Use this information and send your quilts directly to Diana at the address shown. If you would rather, you can bring your quilts to Creations and we will take care of all the charges to get your quilts to Uvalde.

We will put the name of the quilter and the city it came from with each quilt. We hope you will feel moved to help as we are.

We will be going thru the “Creations” stash of quilts to find those that would be right to send along with yardage of fabric for their group to continue to make more quilts.

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