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Time to get your sewing machine serviced!

Many of the gals we know love their machines so much they have given them names. We spend quite a bit of time with our machines and it’s nice to be able to call a friend by name.

After frantic holiday sewing, it’s time to give your machine a little tender love and care. Get on the phone and call your dealer to schedule a machine cleaning.

Be good to your machine and you will have many years of sewing!

Whatever machine you have, it will eventually need to be professionally cleaned. A good technican will remove all the covers from your machine and lubricate the inside parts as well as get all that lint out of the machine.

Lint can get in places we can’t even see. If you let the lint or broken threads compact inside your machine, it becomes a struggle for the machine’s moving parts. Evenutally the machine will just lock up.

Lack of general cleaning can turn into expensive repairs.

If you purchased your machine from us, we have an excellent tech. We are only authorized to service what we sell. Give us a call at 830-896-8088 and we can schedule an appointment.

If you have an older machine, different brand, or decided to purchase elsewhere, we suggest you contact Simon Guerrero at 830-589-2525 if you are looking for a local tech. Simon can give you all the details about how to get him your machine.

It’s the small things!!!

If you don’t think your machine is ready for a professional cleaning there are several things you will want to do yourself.

  1. Clean your machine on a regular basis by removing the cover, taking out the bobbin case and using a Q-tip or small brush to get out the lint that is always accumulating. The more you sew through batting, the more often you will need to clean your machine.
  2. Put in a new needle with each new project. If you think of needles as you would tires on your car, then you will know how important they are. Needles cost about $1.00. They can do hundreds of dollars of damage to the inner hook of your machine if you continue to use bent and dull needles.
  3. Use the correct needle for the job you are doing. If you don’t know about needles, check with your dealer and they will be glad to make the best suggestions.
  4. Use good quality thread. Please throw away all that old “Ten for a Dollar” bargain thread you found. It won’t do your machine any favors as it introduces more lint and fuzz into your machine. That thread has flat areas and you will not have good stitch quality. (Don’t blame your machine!)


The absolute worst treatment of your sewing machine is lack of use. Recently we have service three machine that have been in the closet for years. Things begin to lock up from lack of use…..kinda like us!

Guess I’ll get off my soapbox. We just want everyone to have good results and you can’t do that with poor thread, dull needles and a dirty machine!!!

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