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Spirited from Northcott Fabrics

Northcott has definitely got the hang of producing the most beautiful digital prints we have seen. Their quality is outstanding and the colorations are amazing. Our only complaint is that they sell out too soon. We tried to reorder these fabrics the day they arrived in the shop and they were already sold out. Definitley not surprised.

This panel looks like a beautiful painting. Wish every horse lover had the opportunity to get this panel.

The actual panel is about 22″ wide x 42″ tall. If you are planning to use it with a pattern that calls for a 24″ panel, you will need to add narrow side borders to make it the desired width.

The coordinates stand on their own with beautiful colors of teals, browns, and rust. Just amazing fabric

Need an idea for a pattern. We have already helped one of our customers plan her project around Sidelights from Mountainpeek Creations. The finished size is 45 1/2″ x 62 1/2″. Take a look.

You will need:
The panel
24644 14 for the light border (3/4yd)
DP24641 12 to cut for the block centers (3/4yd)
24646 38 Dark for block frames (3/4yd)
DP24642 30 Stripe for outer border it’s directional ( 1 1/2yd)
24645 36 Binding (1/2yd)
24645 34 Narrow side border to increase width of panel (1/2yd)
24643 12 Backing (4yds) It’s directional

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