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Remy Blouse – our new favorite

If you love simple sewing projects, then the Remy Blouse is just what you want. One of our customers said she loved it so we gave it a try. It’s become one of our favorite patterns. We love everything one we have made.

We have used Digital Linen, Silky Noil, and Bali Rayon. It has been successful with all three of these fabrics. Take a look at what we’ve made. We always advise you to wash your garment fabric before you begin. All fabrics shown here will go thru the washer and dryer on low heat!

Printed Linen
Bali Rayon
Silky Noil

We love the simplicity of this pattern. We made it even easier by using the version that doen’t have the button at the front neckline.

The pattern features several sleeve lengths which adds to its versatility.

The only comment we have heard about this pattern is that it would be great if it was a little longer. The pattern actually has the alteration line and instructions to change the length. Just buy a little extra fabric.

Fabric requirements for pullover (no button opening) with 3/4 length sleeves:
45″ wide: Sizes 00-2 1 3/4yds; Sizes 4-12 2yds; Sizes 14-16 3yds; Sizes 24-34
3 1/4yds

58″ wide: Sizes 00-12 1 1/2yds; Sizes 14-22 2 yds; Sizes 24-34 3yds

Remember, if you want it longer get an extra 1/4yd

Great summer colors in the Digital Linen which is 58″ wide.

If you prefer solids, then check out some of our bright colors in Silky Noil. For the smaller sizes, you can use the 58″ fabric requirement. For the larger sizes, use the 45″ fabric requirements. Remember to add if you want to make it longer.

If you love the feel of rayon, try these Bali Rayons. You can machine wash and tumble dry any of the fabrics shown in this post. If you love these prints, be sure and use the 45″ fabric requirements.

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