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Quick gifts for Quilting Buddies

It gets a bit hectic this time of year and we thought we should share some of our quick gift ideas for you and your quilting buddies.

We all need a reminder of what’s coming up or a list to keep us on track. Moda has introduced these small magnetic note pads that are just the right size for your pocketbook or purse. Don’t forget to get one for yourself!

Ok…so a magnetic notepad is a great little gift, but you’ve got friends who aren’t quilting buddies. The Shannon Martin magnetic notepads will have them covered.

Want a little more for than a notepad. Check out our zippered glam bags.

Want something even a bit more special? These Meori foldable boxes have been a bit hit in the shop. They are just right to sit by your machine or chair to keep all your supplies together. The insert is sold separately, so don’t forget to order that too.

If you are stumped….there is always a gift certificate!!

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