Highlights, June 11, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Our trip to Uvalde

We were touched when just a week ago, Diana Bonnet reached out for help to receive comfort quilts for those families directly affected by the Robb Elementary mass shooting.

We immediately sent the word out to quilters who receive our newsletter and in a week’s time, this picture tells the story.

Julie’s car filled with quilts and batting

This picture says so much about the support of quilters in our area.

We drove down to deliver 37 quilts and 6 packages of batting to Diana and her group who will take charge of the distribution.

We pulled 10 quilts from our “cache” of store quilts and were quickly followed with quilts from Lytle, San Antonio, Medina and Kerrville to total 37.

One of our customers from Wisconsin wanted to be part of this effort and donated the batting so the group could continue to make quilts.

Diana Bonnet is the founder of the non-profit Quilts of Grace whose mission is to offer comfort quilts to those in need. She told us during our visit that her group has supplied over 1,000 comfort quilts since she founded this group. She also told us they provide quilts to CASA and you know that touched our hearts. Needless to say, they were overwhelmed with this situation and called for help.

We were glad to be just one part of donations and transportation.

If you are moved to participate, we will continue collecting quilts as well as fabric and batting donations so they can continue to make quilts. If you would like to send a quilt directly to Diana Bonett, you can do that at either of these addresses:
USPS… Diana Bonnet, P.O. Box 2040, Uvalde, Texas, 78802 or UPS or FED/EX Diana Bonnet, 608 Ham Lane, Uvalde, Texas 78801

You can also e-mail her at: dbonnet113@gmail.com

If you are more comfortable with a monetary donation, this is where we made ours. It’s the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country. With so many funds set up, you just never know how much of your money will get there and what it will do. With one of the Board members working with us at the shop, we are confident that our donation will be used wisely. Check them out at Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country. Just do something — whatever you can. I guarantee it will help their community and help you lessen the feelings of hopelessness.

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