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Modern Love from Northcott Fabrics

Northcott Fabrics does some of the most beautiful digital prints we have seen. The colors are amazing and the designs so contemporary.

Creations display of Modern Love from Northcott Fabrics & Bamboo Knit

The digital print above runs parallel to the selvedge. It is not a panel, but running yardage.
The coordinating prints to the ombre are beautiful on their own.

We can’t leave out those who love to sew. The garment in the picture is from the Laurelhurst pattern. It’s great for a knit because all of the edges of the garment are just left raw. None of that time consuming hemming here. The knit used is one of our Bamboo and Rayon combinations. These knit have great drape and enough weight to make the front lapels hang just great. We actually made the pants from one of the solids and used our favorite Hudson Pants pattern.

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