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Manchester from Robert Kaufman

We have carried Manchester cotton from Robert Kaufman for several seasons. This Fall they added a silver thread to somel of the neutral colors. We thought this would make a great garment for a bit of glitz.

We made two of our favorite patterns, Just a Pinch and Frankie Shirt.

This is a favorite pattern for a jacket or top. We just leave out the “pinch” which is the tucks that are stitched in after the buttonholes are complete. Our top lays flat with the fronts being even.

For Manchester cotton which is 45″ wide you will need: Sizes XS-SM: 1 3/4yds
Sizes Med: 2yds
Sizes Lg-XL: 2 1/4yds

You will also need 4 buttons.

It’s a little hard to see, but there is a silver thread woven throughout. We have put this fabric in the washer and dryer so no issue there.

For this pattern from the Manchester, you will need:

Sizes XS-M 2 3/4yds
Sizes L-XXL 3 1/2yds

You will also need 6 buttons.

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