Highlights, May 14, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Linen is back for the Summer

The official start of Summer might we a few weeks away, but with the temperatures we have been experiencing it’s time to bring out the linen. We have been a big fan of linen for all of our 45 years in business. We love 100% linen and now that we have linen and rayon combinations we have some fabrics with less wrinkle and more drape.

Printed linen has always been a struggle to find and we had to go all the way to Canada to find a distributor. We are now able to have some of the most beautiful digitally printed linens. These fabrics are machine wash and machine dry on low. They are not a wrinkled mess when they come out of the dryer so the pressing time in minimal.

We use simple patterns to show off the fabric. Take a look at what we have made so far this Spring.

You might already have these patterns. If you decide on a pattern, but don’t already own it. We will be glad to help you figure yardage. Just let us know. Our linen is 54″ wide.

We have lots of other great digital linen choices.

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