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Layered Clothing – Great for our Weather

In Texas, the Fall & Winter can bring interesting weather changes. We definitley need to layer clothing as it can be nearly freezing in the morning and close to 80 in the afternoon.

The Sandra Betzina Vest & Skirt pattern has a wonderful vest pattern that is perfect for layering. The pattern in not new, but we have gotten in some fabrics that work great with the pattern.

Woodlands from Telio is a 60″ wide Polyester woven that has the look of a handmade blanket. Matching the stripe in the fabric is easy as the fabric is wide and the pieces will lay side by side for most sizes.

The fabric we used is a woven “blanket” fabric that is 100% Polyester and 60″ wide. Sizes included in the pattern are 8 – 22. With this width of fabric, it will take 1 1/4yds. You might want to get 1 1/2yds so you will be able to adjust the lines fall across your body. Matching is easy as the pattern pieces lay side by side.

I eliminated the bound buttonhole pockets and the lining to make this an easy vest for anyone to sew.

Also, I realized that buttons and buttonholes would need more support than the single layer of fabric would give them. The pattern called for 5 buttons, but we only used 3. For support I stitched a square of the Legacy Faux Leather to the fabric. I then stitched a rectangle on top of the faux leater and slit it for the buttonhole. When attaching the buttons, I stitched a small circle of the faux leather behind the button for support.

The binding was cut 2 1/2″ and stitched on with a 3/8″ seam. You will need to ease in extra binding around the outer curves. This will ensure they lay flat. Stretch the binding a lot when going around the underarm so the binding will fit the opening. I used a quilting cotton for the binding, but using a knit would be another great idea if you have a good color.

If you particularly loved the one we made, here is the fabric, binding, button and faux leather.

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