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Know Your Needles

We find that many of our customers are not aware of the difference the correct needle can make to the enjoyment of sewing. If you are using a dull needle it is like driving on a flat tire. Not much fun. That doesn’t even take into consideration the damage it can do to your machine which is REALLY not fun!

We don’t want to make the selection of the correct needle to be overwhelming. This booklet, Know Your Needles is very helpful and contains great information, but sometimes the descriptions overlap and you aren’t sure which one to choose.

We are going to list our Favorite Five for sewing and what they do.

Our favorites:
1. Microtex. We use this needle for piecing quilts and sewing garments using woven fabrics.

2. Universal or Stretch needle. These are used for knits. Universal is fine if your machine doesn’t skip stitches. If it does change to a Stretch

3. Jeans. We use this needle for heavier stitching such as jeans or upholstry fabric.

4. Topstitch 100. Use this with thicker threads for decorative sewing

5. Embroidery Needle 75/11. This is our choice for our embroidery machines.

Each type of needle comes in many sizes with the smaller the size, the smaller the shaft of the needle and the lighter weight fabric it should be used with. For general sewing, we reommend a size 80. The Topstitch is the exception as we want the largest eye possible.

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