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Jewel Frames Quilt Kit from Kaffe

We finished our quilt and it’s so much better seeing a finished quilt than just looking at the picture on the package.

This is a super easy quilt to make so if you are a beginner it’s for you. If you are a Kaffe fan, you can finish this one quickly.

Kaffe Jewel Quilt Kit from Creations Kerrville

The finished version of the Jewel Frame Quilt Kit is
so much more appealing than just the cover picture.

We chose to do the Green Quilt and we took off two
rows in the width so ours finished approximately 57″ x 78″.

The kit has enough fabric to make the quilt 78″ x 78″.

We now have some amazing wide backs designed by Kaffe and his fellow designers. We used the Lotus Leaf for the backing on ours. With the wide width, you can back your quilt with 2 3/4yds of the wide backing. Mad Plaid and Millefiore would also be great choices.

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