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Hourglass Floral kit from Creations

This quilt is such a simple idea and very easy to make. It features prints from Kaffe and “solids” from Marcia Derse. It’s a great combination!

Our kit contains the pattern along with 8 Kaffe Florals and 8 Marcia Derse Palette solids. The binding is also included.

For the backing you will need to purchase:

5yds for 42″ wide fabric or

2 1/2″ for 108″ wide directional fabric or

2yds 108″ wide non-directional fabric

If you have lots of Kaffe stashed away, then you might want the pattern and some of the Palette solids.

See our full collection of Palette Solids by Marcia Derse here: Palette “Solids”

We also have some great suggestions for backing your quilt. There are lots of great possibilities.

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