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Fun in the Sun

The newest line from Kanvas, a division of Benartex has arrived. If you love all things Summer at the beach, you will want to stitch something with these fun prints.

What about a tote to take to the beach, or a picnic quilt? If you are a garment maker, then a summer camp shirt would be so fun to wear.

Thinking of that camp shirt? We have a great pattern from Cutting Corners by Louise Cutting.

This easy pattern is available with or without
darts so it’s great for every figure.

The sizes range from XS – XL

For sizes XS-M purchase 2 1/4yds
For Sizes L-XL purchase 2 1/2yds

Looking for buttons for that camp shirt? We now are putting our buttons online as we hear it hard to find them. You can see what’s already up at BUTTONS ONLINE. If it’s too hard to tell what would be good with your fabric, just put a note on your order that you want buttons and we’ll be glad to pick for you!

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