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Farrow Dress from Grainline Gear

The Farrow Dress is a great pull on dress. It could be worn with leggings and a T shirt underneath for a layered look.

We always follow the instructions on the pattern, but if I were making this for myself I would do a few things differently.

  1. I would eliminate the back slit at the neckline. The opening is plenty big to get my head thru without the slit. If I thought it might not be large enough to get my head thru, I would just trim about 1/4″ from the FRONT neckline. On the pattern, begin at the center front and trim no more than 1/4″, gradually going to nothing by the time you get to the shoulder seam. (Do the same with the front facing.) You will then just sew the back seam all the way to the top and sew the back neck facing seam together before putting it to the neckline.
  2. Eliminate the front pockets if you want a quick and easy dress. You might shorten the dress a bit and wear it with leggings.
Farrow Dress

Sizes run from 0 – 18 and it is a loose fitting style. Our garment is a size 12. You might shorten the dress a bit and wear it with leggings. Yardages below are for the long sleeve view.

For 54-60″ fabric and sizes 0-8 purchase 3 1/4yds; sizes 10-18 purchase
3 3/4yds.

For 45″ fabric, and sizes 0-10 purchase 3 1/2yds; size 12-18 purchase 4yds

We decided to use one of our new knits for this dress. These knits are not very stretchy and worked well for the pattern. You just want to use a fabric that has a nice drap. These knits are about 60″ wide.

If knits give you the shakes, then try one of our newest rayons for this dress. Our rayons are 45″ wide.

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