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Farm Friends – Free Spirit Fabrics

This is the first collection from Mia Charro for Free Spirit Fabrics. Mia grew up in Spain. She is a free lance illustrator inspired by the animals and nature that surrounds her.

This might be the first line for Mia, but she is already on the books for a Christmas line as well.

The panel is approx. 24″ x 44″ and has two blocks of the animals pictured here. I’m going to make 22″ floor pillows. Think I will just channel quilt the fabric to give it more body.

There are two of these blocks in each panel.

The animals could easily be cut apart and inserted into other piecing.
I just quilted the block to make a 22″ floor pillow. I still have one block of 4 animals left for another project.

Lots of ideas for these darling critters.

The floral coordinate matches the flowers in their hair. Each of the individual animals shown in the allover measure approx. 2″ x 3″ just to give you an idea of the size.

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