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Clara Bag from Sallie Tomato

This bag looks great made from the Legacy Faux Leather. It finishes about 10 1/2″ wide x 7″ high and 2″ deep. We love the way the purse hardware folds over and is held down with a magnetic closure.

The strap is adjustable with a stud button.

We have everything you need here.

Clara Bag model at Creations in Kerrville

Of course, we have all the hardware and faux leather to make this bag. The faux leather is a 1yd cut which will work fine for the bag and strap. You’ll need 1/2yd to line the bag and one of Sallie’s zippers. If you use a standard zipper, but careful as the zipper tape is not as wide. The cut opening in the pattern assumes you are using one of her zippers.

These zippers come 3 yards to the package with 12 pulls so you can use them for other bags and projects.

If you enjoy working with knits you will love the bamboo knits from Telio. The strips made a great top and one of the easiest ones is the Lark Tee.

The Lark Tee is a simple T-shirt with several
neck variations and sleeve lengths.

Sizes included: 0 – 18

54″ Fabric:
Long Sleeves: 0-10 1 3/4yd
12-18 2yds

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