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Calling All Nurses!

Windham Fabrics brings us this great new collection of prints. We are all so grateful for nurses and healthcare workers. It’s great to have a line of fabrics dedicated to them.

Wondering what you might make from these darling prints? Try one of our favorite patterns.

This camp shirt is sewing 101 and a good project for a beginner. If you are an experienced seamstress, you will appreciate how quickly the project can be completed.

The sizes in the pattern run from XS to XL.

Yardage requirements: XS: 2yds; S-M: 2 1/4yds; Lg-XL 2 1/2yds.

We love this simple pattern for a pillow case with no raw edges showing. It uses the “burrito” technique which is easy to follow.

The only thing you will want to be concerned with is the direction of the print. This pattern was written for non-directional fabrics, but 5 of the prints are directional.

If you choose print 37304 2 you will need 1yd (allowance for prewashing and shrinkage) Pattern 37306 4 makes a great accent strip and you will need 3/8yd. This gives allowance for shrinkage if you prewash.

This accent strip is just 1/8yd and any a solid you have at home will be great for this.

If you choose any of the other 5 prints, you will need to purchase 1 1/4yds so that you can cut two pieces 27″ x 21 1/2″. You will piece them together to form the 27″ x 42″ the pattern calls for. This will keep the print from laying on its side when the pillowcase is complete.

The Simple Sack is 14″ x 12″ x 7″ and takes 1/2yd of the main print and 1/2yd of the contrast.

This is a quick and simple tote to make.

Whatever you decide to make with this great line of fabrics it’s great to feature our healthcare workers.

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