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Blush Gardens from Wilmington Fabrics

If you are a lover of traditional quilting fabric, then you will love these beautiful florals and coordinates from Wilmington. The colors are greys, greens, white, soft lavender, and shades of pinks. We tried to reorder this line just as soon as it arrived, but we were already too late to get any additional fabric.

If we had been able to get enough, we would have made our all time best selling kit, Pieces of Eight. We started making this kit over 20 years ago, thinking of the beginning quilter. It is simply eight 1/2yd pieces of fabric which will be cut into 8″ squares and sewn together in a random order. (Seven are in the quilt and the 8th is the binding.)

What started as a quilt for the beginner is now a favorite for combining beautiful prints that flow together. The finished size is approx. 52″ x 67″.

If you are interested, just order 1/2yd of each of the prints and we will send you the instructions. If you want a backing, order 4 1/4yds of that print.

If you are a panel person, there is a lovely one with this line. We have a favorite pattern for panels. Sidelights from Mountainpeek Creations is made for a 24″ x 42′ panel.

If you select the Sidelights pattern, you will not only need the panel, but 3/4yd for the panel border and first border. (The light grey in the picture.) The blocks around the panel will require just a fat quarter of 3 or 4 prints. (You can put a note in your order of the prints you want a fat quarter and we will add them as we don’t offer fat quarters online.) For the block borders (dark grey) you will need 3/4yd. For the outer border 1 1/4yds and 1/2yd for the binding. The finished size is 46″ x 62″.

We will always be glad to pick the inner border and block border for you from our large selection of tonals. Just add a note to your order.

If you enjoy working with pre-cuts, we have the 5″ squares and the 10″ squares for this line.

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