Highlights January 15, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Angelitas and Coro Dorado – Angels and the Golden Choir

Alexander Henry is one of our favorite fabric companies. They produce the most interesting and eclectic fabrics for niche groups. This particular print in two sizes and two colorways just spoke to us. Hope it will speak to you as well.

This is the same print, just very different colorways. The Spice is very dramatic with the rich colors of dark red, gold and teal. The Sage colorway is soft with the mauves, greys, greens and gold. We couldn’t make up our mind which one to get so we got both.

Coro Dorado is the same print as Las Angelitas, only the scale is smaller. The actual color of the Sage print is closer to the Coro Dorado (smaller print). It’s not as “pink” as it looks in Las Angelitas. Try to make up your mind which you like better….we couldn’t.

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