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A Little Wine from QT Fabrics

The Hill Country of Texas is beginning to emerge as quite the wine region. For years, Fredericksburg was known for their peach crops, but in the past few years they are more known for their winneries. Since we are only 25 miles away, we feel like we are part of the area. Just this morning on TV was a segment about Texas winneries. (It was Tanji Patton’s show if you are interested.) It featured Becker Vineyards and all the awards they have won. Might want to check out the winneries outside of Fredericksburg as well as a trip to our shop for fabric.

If you have a wine lover in your circle of friends or relatives, you will want to make them a special quilt or tote to celebrate their love of wine.

See QT’s newest line: A Little Wine

Timeless Treasures also got into the printing of wine fabric. You might like these too.

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