Meet The Creations Staff

Drop In and See Us!

Since we encourage you to call and talk to us, we thought you might like a visual image of who you are talking with. You never know who might answer that phone.

We’ll start with a photo of us (Kathy and Julie) about the time we started the store (44 years ago)……

Kinda makes you wonder — We’re asked way too often which of us is the oldest — This photo should put that question to rest (for those of you who know us – we’re sure you can identify us).

We are so lucky to have a wonderful staff to help us make Creations a great place to visit and to work. When you visit the store you’ll find several of these friendly, creative, talented gals ready to help you.

Corine Baerwald

Corine Baerwald
Corine came shortly before 1996.  Her hand is evident in all those fantastic displays you see around our shop and in our online product photos.  Over the years Corine has made many quilt models for the store. She’s also great at figuring yardage requirements and fixing stuff – in other words – she’s an all around gal.

Valerie Grebe

Valerie Grebe was with also with us in 1996 when we were featured as one of the top 10 quilt shops in the country.  She has many years of experience in helping you find just the right fabric for your project. She loves to show customers the latest arrivals in the store – and she has customers who claim she knows just what they want.

Glenda Lewis

Glenda Lewis has been here over 10 years.  She loves bright fabrics so the Kaffe print section is where she wanted her picture taken.  Glenda is a master at helping you figure out how much fabric you need while planning your quilt.  She makes all of our little girls dresses.  She is a superior seamstress and since she has only grandsons she really enjoys sewing for little girls.

There is always laughter when Glenda is in the room.

Julie Seale

Julie Seale has been with us over 8 years.  Julie had been a customer for many years and she has made many of our quilt samples as she is an excellent quilter.  For many years, before joining us, she volunteered as a greeter for us during our shop hop.

Julie is the one who knows all about the notions and gadgets we carry.  

Cynthia Compton

Cynthia and her hubby resided in Kerrville in the 80’s and returned after retiring from teaching. They lived in the Austin area. Cynthia loves to sew, quilt and also is an embroidery enthusiast. You can find Cynthia here Tuesdays and Fridays. She will always greet you with a genuine smile.

Tina Woods

Tina retired from the leadership of the Diertert Center, a facility for senior advancement here in Kerrville. We were able to snag her. You can find Tina on Wednesday, and Thursday.  Tina loves to see what project you are working on and eager to find you just the right fabric.

A History of Great Feline Assistants

Catty Wampus

Catty Wampus was the store kitty at From Our House, our home dec store that occupied this location before we combined our two stores. After experiencing several months off as we remodeled, Catty Wampus opted for the leisurely life instead of returning to the spotlight – what a surprise! Her decision was also spurred along when she discovered that Tootie who had been in charge at Creations was going to join her as a co-manager.

She turned over her customer relations responsibilities to Patches and Domino shortly after we opened this location. Catty Wampus is with us in spirit only now.

Tootie The Fax Cat

Tootie was never as involved with customers as Catty Wampus, but she will always be famous as our “fax cat”. She was a faithful office cat for many years at Creations when we were on Main Street.  She rode back and forth to work with Julie and spent many years “helping” Julie with office paperwork. She loved helping us put together any packages that involved ribbons.
Somewhere  along the line Tootie developed an interest in the Fax Machine and was obsessed with watching the faxes fall to the floor.  She perked up whenever she heard the incoming fax tone and then she guarded the faxes on the floor. But if neither of the girls was nearby she would actually pick up the fax and take it out to the store to deliver it to either Kathy or Julie. We know it is hard to believe, but we are not stretching the truth.


Patches joined us many years ago, shortly after we moved Creations into the newly remodeled location. She won our hearts instantly. Although she roamed the whole store as a kitten, she developed a preference for lounging in the office. She trained well under Tootie and became quite interested in the fax machine and printers. Here she is diligently “helping” Julie to locate the cause of a paper jam!


Domino joined us shortly after Patches and was a bundle of energy from the day she arrived. This is a photo of Domino taking a break from her customer greeting responsibilities to brush up on her computing skills.
Domino was our official store greeter for 14 years. She is no longer with us, but she will be remembered for often being on the store floor to welcome customers or sleeping in the window, keeping an eye out for visitors.


Lefty is another office cat. For years, Lefty was rarely seen – by anyone. It took more than a year for Sharon to catch this photo of him. He’s way too shy for the store floor. Determine to “fit in” with the other technically inclined cats, Lefty eventually learned how to guard the faxes too. Here he is sitting in the fax output box. Obviously there isn’t much room for incoming faxes when he’s on duty. Thanks to his shyness, we don’t have many photos of Lefty. He left us in 2019.

Our Virtual Employees

We are also VERY fortunate to have some great Virtual employees–

Sharon Dinsmore – Webmaster

Sharon works all of our computer magic from her home in Houston, but she joins us as frequently as she can. Her specialty is combining technical knowledge with a creative talent. She personally made Tootie famous with her Tootie the Fax Cat poem. Sharon loves to combine her love of quilting, sewing, photography and computing and spends her spare time photographing nature and then turning those images into quilts.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

Meet Mom and Dad — very important people in the history of Creations. Dad was our CPA from the beginning and Mom’s last job was as our “packager” — Someone has to fold all of those fat quarters. We told dad often that even though our pay is zippo — we are loyal customers…

Our beloved mother, Irene Thompson, passed away on November 21st, 2005. She was a part of Creations from the very first day and continued to help right up until her death. Many of our long-time customers remember Mom fondly for her friendly assistance and cheerful demeanor.

On March 1, 2010 our dear father, Tommy Thompson, joined Mom in heaven. A favorite Creations’ story about Dad is the thousands of tomatoes he supplied each summer to us, our staff and anyone who would allow it. They are both missed by everyone at Creations.

Kathy and Julie

Kathy and Julie

Okay! Okay! We are getting some grief from our loyal staff about slipping in a “slightly” outdated picture (see the first picture above) for our own photo. So, here we are….

Meet Kathy Thompson (right) and Julie Milam (left), owners of Creations by trade and sisters by luck.