Highlights September 11, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Silky Noil from Telio Fabrics

Silky Noil is a great fabric for clothing and we are so happy to have some new colors and some of our old favorites back in stock. It has been nearly impossible to get fabrics here from Canada, but we received a large shipment and we are ready to sew.

It’s hard to buy fabric online and I can certainly understand. Silky Noil is worth the gamble. It goes thru the washer and dryer just great with hardly a wrinkle. The fabric is about 52″ wide so you will want to use y our 45″ wide calculations.

Silky Noil will work in just about any pattern that can use a drapy woven fabric. Since it is yarn dyed, it’s the same color on the front and back so if you have an intersting pattern that the backside will show, this might be just the fabric.

Below you’ll see some of the pattern we continue to use with Silky Noil.

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