Highlights, October 9, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Quiltmaina and Simple Moderne Magazines

These are the only two magazines we stock in our shop. Both titles bring beautiful pictures, inspiration and great projects. This is one of the few magazines that you don’t really have the thumb through to see if there is anything “good” inside.

In case you aren’t hooked on them yet and haven’t been able to look inside, we’ll show you a couple of pictures from each.

Take a look inside Quiltmania for a couple of their projects. There are 96 pages of beautiful pictures, great content and interesting project.

If a more modern approach to quilting is your thing, check out Simply Moderne. You will find 125 pages with pull out patterns, articles on quilt exhibits and inspiration on every page.

Just a quick peek inside Simply Moderne to check out some of their projects.

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