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The Zippy Bag — ” A Fun Sew”

I just completed by first Zippy Bag and it was what I like to call “a fun sew”. I had to closely read the instructions on each step and I like that little challenge. I only had to rip out when I “assumed” I knew what to do.

I highly recommend this little bag. We did the large size which is about 8″ x 8″.

What you’ll need:
1/2yd fabric and 1/2yd for lining
SF101 Interfacing 3/4yd
Faux metal zippers by the yard
We used Cork as the fabric above the pockets
We used the chain strap and mini connectors
If you prefer the fabric strap, purchase the hardware kit.

We have what you need!

It’s the hardware that makes the bag. We have the faux metal zippers by the yard and the Zippy Hardware Kit if you use the fabric strap. If you want the chain strap, you don’t need the hardware kit, but purchase the chain strap and mini connector.

Now for the fabric. I love the weight of the cotton/linen for bags so that was my selection. I also switched out the fabric above each zipper for cork fabric. I’ve also included the lining. If you chose these fabrics, it’s 1/2yd of the cotton/linen, 1/2yd of the lining, 1/2yd of AF101 interfacing (you don’t need to interface the cork) and one piece of cork.

What was so fun about this little project is that I had enough fabric left over to make another of my favorite little bags, The Glam Bag.

What you will need:

You have plenty of fabric, as you only need 2 pieces 6″ x 9″ from both the outside fabric and lining.

You need one of those little nylon zippers, 2 pieces 6″ x 9″ of fusible fleece and you are set to use up the leftovers.

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