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Collage Essentials

All you need to enjoy collage is a design idea, a pair of scissors, a Teflon pressing sheet, Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 and some great fabric. You will be cutting out elements from various fabrics to create your own design. There are patterns to follow, or if your are adventuresome, grab some free clip art to use as your design. There is also a great little book on the combination of fabrics and techniques if you want a little guidance.

Now for the fun part — the fabric. We are going to share some of our favorites for collage, including our new line Soul Shine. The panel is a perfect place to start with collage. It’s hard to see what is possible in this panel from the overall picture, so we have included some close ups. These designs are perfect for ease in cutting and recreating something new. We also have the coordinates to the panel to add some interest and additional designs.

We offer other great fabrics for collage as well. Here are a few of our favorites. All of these fabrics have easy to cut shapes, flowers, animals, and other great stuff.

You don’t want to put your new collage on just any old plain background. You always need interesting lights to work with. Here are a few of our favorites

If you just aren’t sure about a pattern to work with, try one of these from Laura Heine.

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