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Art Gallery Cottons are great for clothing!

During the summer in Texas, every air conditioner is blowing full blast and it can get pretty cool inside. If you like a lightweight cotton to cover your arms, then any cotton from Art Gallery will be a great fabric to use.

We selected one of their classic geometrics and paired it with Brussels Washer Yarn Dye from Robert Kaufman for the pants.

The pattern includes sizes SM-XL. To make the long sleeve top, purchase 2 1/2yds for SM-M and 2 3/4yds for LG-XLG.

Note: We just left out the “pinch” that was small pleats taken between the buttonholes after the garment was completed. Ours hangs straight across the front.

Purchase 2 1/2yds, any size for the pants. They are ankle length with 4 darts in each leg to keep them from being floppy at the hemline.

We have made the top too, but be warned that it is very large and boxy….but cute!!

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