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Just one fabric quilt!

We love simple quilts that look much more difficult to complete. This quilt is made using just one piece of fabric, Gelato Ombre. This fabric begins with a dark color at the selvedge and shades to a light color at the fold and back to the dark color at the opposite selvedge.

To make the quilt, you will cut strips and then squares and then half square triangles. These are basic shapes and the fabric does the work. Our kit includes the pattern and 5 1/2 yards of Ombre fabric with includes the binding.

These are other Ombre possibilities. (The one in the kit is QV.) We have included just the ones with the most contrast from selvedge to fold so you will have the most contrast in your quilt. Purchase 5 1/2yds and the pattern to be able to complete the 72″ x 72″ quilt. Why not choose a huge floral for the backing which would make such a fun contrast. You will need 4 3/4yds for the backing.

If you are looking for a quilt for a guy, the shades of grey is one of the most striking quilt!

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