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How easy can it get?

It can get pretty easy when you use the digital print from Marcia Derse’s line, The Blue One, as a table runner. We love the colors and the wonky pieced look. Purchase the length you need the runner and you will have plenty of width to get two table runners.

We are such big fans of Marcia Derse’s graphic designs that we were thrilled when she brought out her line The Blue One.

It combines shades of blue from turquoise to navy with some great graphic designs she is known for.

The focus fabric in this line is the digital print mixing her prints with black and white spacers.

We thought, what a quick table runner. We just purchased the length we needed, cut it to the width we needed and dusted off the old walking foot and started channel quilting about 1 1/4″ apart.

How easy can it get? If you need help with the binding, watch our Binding Video

See all the fabrics in this collection.

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