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West Creek Flannel from Northcott

Northcott is not only known for their beautiful digital prints, but they certainly produce some of the best flannels we have ever had. Their newest collection, West Creek, is so soft and cuddly that it almost makes me want cold weather again — almost!

This quilt kit features woven flannels from Northcott. They are so soft and cuddly that it will make a great throw.

You want a simple pattern with all these plaids, and Pieces of Eight is just the right one.

It finished 52″ x 67″ and we chose to use black Fireside for the back of our quilt. You will need 2 1/4yds of you decide to use it on yours.

You may have other plans for these great flannels, like PJ bottoms. See all the pieces as well as the Fireside we used as the back of our quilt.

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