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Ophelia from Northcott Fabrics

We have just received the Ophelia collection from Northcott. It is a digitally printed collection which is how they are able to achieve the subtle color changes and shading.

We made the easiest of all quilts, our Pieces of Eight, which is just 8″ pieces of fabric. What else do you need to show off these fabrics? The finished size is approximately 52″ x 67″, but it’s so easy to make it larger…just sew more squares together. It could be an amazing bedspread!

You may have your own plans for these beautiful fabrics, so we wanted you to see them individually.

We used the Supersize Peony as our backing. (4 1/2yds) The print was too large for one of the squares as you didn’t see the design, but it is amazing as the backing. If you are more into a wide backing, we have one of these with this collection.

This fabric is 108″ wide and would be a stunning backing for your quilt. To use with our quilt, you will need only 1 3/4yds as you can turn your backing fabric to use the width for the length of your quilt.

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