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Frisky from Zen Chic

The designer behind Zen Chic is Brigitte Heitland. I think it’s fun to know a little about a designer that has had such an influence on modern fabric designs. Brigitte is the mother of three children and lives with her family in Germany. She had a former career in interior and textile design. A seamstress for many years, Brigitte discovered quilting about ten years ago. 

Brigitte shows a modern, sophisticated style in her designs.  They are characterized by simple designs and harmonious color. Brigitte launched her brand ZEN CHIC in 2010 with her quilt patterns and soon added fabric designs.  She teaches classes on contemporary quilting techniques and the use of color. We just need a trip to Germany!!

Frisky is her latest collection from Moda.


Brigitte has also done some other fun collections for Moda. One of our favorites is Celestial.

Celestial also offered a cotton/linen combination fabric that works great for tote bags and purses.

Dance in Paris was the collection before Celestial. As you can see, Brigitte is a talented designer.

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