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Hungry Animals by J. Wecker-Fricsh

This group of fabrics is one of our all-time favorites. We have always enjoyed the artwork of Janet Wecker-Frisch, but none more than her Hungry Animals. This line of fabric was in print at least four years ago and we thought it was gone for ever. We were delighted to see that it was reprinted.

The panel is an “I Spy” adventure. Each block represents a letter and the artwork depicts a scene that features items beginning with the selected letter.

We have spent many hours looking at the blocks to recognize all the items. It’s like a contest to see who can find new things.

The Hungry Animal panel is approximately 36″ x 42″ and makes a great wall hanging just by stretching it on foam core board. If you would rather have a quilt, just add a couple of borders and the quilt is finished.

The fun is in studying each of the blocks to find all the words that begin with the block letter.

J. Wecker-Frisch is the master at creating an appealing design using items that all begin with the same letter.

If you want to make this darling apron, purchase 1 1/4yds of each fabric and you will have enough to make the bias from the accent.

The soft booklet was such fun to make. It took about 2 hours and was a fun project. I think it took so long because I was continually looking at the blocks.

You will need a fleece or firm batting to go inside the pages.

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