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Aboriginal Prints back in stock

We absolutely love working with the Aboriginal prints from M & S Textiles. We never seem to tire of them and how they work with batiks and even Kaffe Prints.

We have been out of stock on so many prints that we want to show you just some of the ones that are now available again.

If you aren’t sure exactly how to use these great prints, you might want to try one of our kits. We currently have these in stock.

Just want to add to your stash? Check out these bundles.

If these projects are too much for you to start with, why not do our Boxes and Rectangles Table Runner kit. It includes a selection of ten – 6″ Aboriginal strips and the pattern. (Strips vary with each kit, but they are all great choices.) You just need to add 3/8yd of your favorite background as there is plenty for a scrappy binding.

Want to see more? Visit our website and you can see the 154 bolts we have available. Just click on Aboriginal Prints and you can see what we have to offer. Just a warning…they are very addicting!! You can easily become a collector.

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