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Casey Vintage Duffle by Sallie Tomato

This bag has such a great shape and fun to sew. We used a woven stripe from Diamond Textiles for the outside and a print from Art Gallery for the lining. The are lots of great choices for fabrics, but you for sure will want to get the pattern, zipper and hardware as they are hard to find.

The bag is 16″ wide, 9″ high, and 7″ deep.
Main Fabric: 3/4yd
Lining and Inner Pockets: 3/4yd
Contrast: 1yd of Sallie Tomato Faux Leather
1″ D-rings — 4
1″ Swivel hooks — 4
1″ Slider buckle — 1

Sallie Tomato zipper by the yard size #5. (They have the look of metal, but are plastic.)

These are the fabrics we used in our bag!

These are the two colors that are currently available in the 1 yard cut so that you won’t have to piece your strap. We used the Navy color with our bag.

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