Highlights February 21, 2021

No Seam Quilt!

We have such great choices in wide fabrics, we can now use them as the quilt top. Why not? They can make a quick quilt. It can easily be channel quilted on a home sewing machine.

  1. Purchase the length you want your quilt to be. We suggest 2 yards so you will have a finished quilt about 70″.
  2. Purchase 2 1/4yds Minkee for the backing if you want a soft, cuddly quilt.
  3. Purchase 5/8yd for binding.
  4. Purchase Twins size Hobbs or Quilting Dream twin size batting.

To complete the quilt, tear the 2 yards down the middle so you have two pieces approx. 54″ x 72″. You can make 2 quilts if you purchase additional backing, binding and batting. You could also use the remaining fabric to make pillow cases to go with your quilt or a big bag to put it in.

We have included pictures of some wide fabrics that would make great quilt tops.

You will now need a backing for your quilt so we have included some possibilities of Minkee.

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