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Lana Bollito Wool and Rayon

Lana Bollito Jacket from Little Somethin' Jacket Pattern

Lana Bollito and Little Somethin’ Jacket were simply made for each other.

Lana Bollito is a wool and rayon combination that has the look of “boiled wool” without the stiffness.

The Little Somethin’ Jacket is an unstructured jacket that we have made many times before, but none better than using the Lana Bollito.

By using the Lana Bollito, we have a jacket that looks like a sweater. It’s so inviting as colder weather is getting closing in our us.

This simple jacket can be make in a couple of sessions of stitching. It’s so simple you will want to make more than one!

A Little Somethin’ Jacket

This jacket comes in sizes sizes 8 – 24. It can be made in a short length or long length with sleeves 3/4 length or full length. Our model is the longer version with the full length sleeve.

Lana Bollito is 58″ wide and the yardage requirements on the pattern are for 44″. For the version we made, purchase 2 1/2yds for sizes 8 – 14 and 3 yards for 16 – 24.

You’ll love all these beautiful colors of Lana Bollito wool and rayon. This fabric is best dry cleaned.

Flatiron Coat & Jacket

We have also featured the Flatiron coat from The Sewing Workshop in Lana Bollito. This fabric is a perfect match for the Flatiron Coat as the backside of the fabric will show on the collar and front lapel. This is still an easy garment to sew.

The Flatiron Coat comes in a Jacket or Coat Length. For the Jacket, purchase 2 1/4yds all sizes. For the coast, purchase 2 2/3yd for XS-M or 3 1/3for L-XXL.

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